Silver Shadows

Hey everyone!

So, Richelle Mead has just released the cover of Silver Shadows, the fifth book in her Bloodlines series, and here it is!


What do you guys think? Personally, Sydney seems far more fierce here – a far cry compared to what she was like in Bloodlines, the first installment. However, I have very mixed feelings about the book, cover and all. Frankly, I was an avid fan of Richelle’s Vampire Academy series. The protagonist, Rose Hathaway, is to date one of my favourite female characters, and her kick ass attitude just completely set her apart from any other female protags in YA fiction.

I can quite honestly say that Bloodlines and The Golden Lily were right up there with VA for me, as well. I loved Sydney from the time she was introduced in Blood Promise, and getting to know her more through the spin-off was absolutely wonderful.

The Indigo Spell, however, completely let me down (a review should be coming soon). Sydney’s character just seemed to go through too much change without any real reason, and nothing really happened through the book. Perhaps this is just me – and I’m quite certain that I’m in the minority here – but the whole book just felt like a placeholder.

There you go – my thoughts on the Bloodlines series as concisely as I could get them.

Either way, going back to the original topic – Silver Shadows is currently slated to be released on the 29th of July, 2014.

Also, on that note, has anyone got around to reading The Fiery Heart yet? It’s the 19th in New Zealand, but I’m not quite sure whether or not TFH is out here yet. Planning a trip to the bookstore tomorrow, so I guess we’ll see! In the mean time, I’m thinking on starting Richelle’s Gameboard of the Gods series, so I’m quite excited about that.

I’m eagerly awaiting getting my hands on The Fiery Heart – as disappointing as I found Indigo Spell, I’m a long time fan of Richelle, and I just have to give TFH a chance. My review will be up as soon as I’ve read it!

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