Characters that Haunt You

He stalked forward in a whirl of black silk, surprisingly quick and lithe on his feet despite the dark aura that swathed and cradled him as though he were a caterpillar waiting to burst forth. But no, that was not he – he was anything but light and beauty. With dark, storm filled eyes and raked black hair, his very expression conveyed an arrogant demeanor and a cruel satisfaction, and it was with these feelings jaggedly painted onto his face that he swept along the crowded boardwalk, the smoke and sound spiraling upward from the cars mingling with the thunderstorm that he seemed to carry.

On his other side, the wide ocean lay open and sprawling, a tender sound of crashing waves cascading over his ears. He, however, focused on anything but the beauty of the crystal water; instead, his eyes were oddly drawn to the lip of the waves as it kissed the shore with a teasing sound then pulled away, each time taking with it the sand that was all too trusting. Ungrateful was the word that his tongue wrapped around in a loving caress as a vicious smile broke across his pale face.

His head jerked to the side in a sudden motion, a hungry expression chasing away all signs of vindictive joy as his eyes fell on a figure curled into the sand. He stood that for a few brief moments, feeling the churning in his gut rise to an all consuming ache of need before he gave into it with pleasure and swept forth, brushing past the measly humans that littered his path.

They, however, were too naive to see him; although they bustled past him with increasing fervor and hurry, none stopped to glance at the hooded man that roamed amongst them, darkness etched on every line of his face. Indeed, he moved as though he were a ghost, drifting effortlessly through spaces that seemed too small for a figure like him to fit through, and parting the humans with the barest of thoughts.

Nearly there.

Along the way, he sent a few hissing suggestions towards the people that milled around him on the walk, their own minds turned so inward that they failed to notice the fading beauty of the sunset and the radiance of the ocean. Never matter, for that made his job all the more easier. Worthless. Undeserving. Useless. Ugly.

He sent these and more speeding towards the minds of those around him, and as each word him home, he saw – with some degree of satisfaction – that they had the desired effect. Many were too easily susceptible to his powers; they cringed with each word spinning into their minds and their lips wobbled, and this only increased his power. Some, however, were too strong for his liking; these merely smiled and threw back thoughts at him. Beautiful. Hopeful. Loving. Useful. These were the ones who were dangerous, and he gave them a wide birth.


He peered down at the girl he had been nearing slowly, his eyes taking in the tear stained face and frail appearance. Her misery radiated and pulsed around her, and he breathed in deeply, an expression of cruel delight twisting his features and distorting them more than they already were. Delicious. Without wasting another second, he shifted abruptly into a misty enigma, the darkness that had shrouded him collapsing into itself and forming a screen of black. It gave off the appearance of the night sky, but without the softening pleasantries of the stars or the moon – only utter blankness.

It – he – proceeded to swoop into the young female, before settling inside her weakened, numbed brain and settling himself there. This would be home for him for a while to come, and the warmth seeping into him and turning her cold only invigorated him to make himself comfortable. This he did, whilst the girl’s eyes turned more dead and expressionless with every passing second.

He was a monster. Depression was a monster, and it was without pity.

For the Weekly Writing Challenge, which can be found here.

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8 thoughts on “Characters that Haunt You

  1. This is a very well crafted character development and scene. I especially like how some of the crowd were able to fend his thoughts off.

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